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KimiaPolymer Emad

Kimya Polymer Emad

Kimya Polymer Emad Company, are a proud subsidiary of Karimi’s company. We produce PVC granules and compounds for more than two decades.
We are committed to producing high-quality and high performing products conforming to international standards. Considering the daily production capacity of more than 110 tons, it has been able to play an effective role in supplying the demanding of market for the local producers and export sectors. This group helps customers by providing consulting services and technical suggestions.

Kimya Polymer Emad

Kimya Polymer Emad products

PVC granules are based on PVC polymer and other additives, which are prepared in the form of small pellets of 2-3 mm and provide the necessary properties for the final application. These granules are used in the wide range of plastic products. Rigid PVC granules are used to inject pipes, fittings and profiles. Soft granules are also used in hose applications, stationery, soles of shoes and sandals, packaging film, etc.

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    Quality control department

    The quality control department of Kimya Polymer Emad Company is equipped with a hardness, hot press machine, balance, lab extruder, etc., and the quality of the manufactured products is assessed by international standards. Products including injection parts granule, hose granule, non-toxic granule, sandal, black granule, Colored PVC granule, etc. are designed to ensure it meets customer needs
    The production of PVC plasticizers is one of the other products of Kimya Polymer Emad Company, which is checked according to internal standard 2115.

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    Kimya Polymer Emad Co. has planned for setting the best price for products at a suitable and economical level for customers while producing quality and standard products. In the section below, you can see the catalog of our various products, and you can order through the form.

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    کیمیا پلیمر عماد

    Kimya Polymer Emad Industries, consisting of an experienced staff with a brilliant history, produces all kinds of PVC granules for the production of hoses, cables, shoes, sandals, PVC injection, DOP oil, etc., It uses the best and highest quality equipments and raw materials  for suppling them to the market.

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